About Us



The ogden valley winter sports foundation is a community supported non-profit dedicated to promoting the sport of skiing.  Currently, we have programs for alpine racing, all mountain skiing, and freestyle skiing. 


PHONE: 801.396-5507


PO BOX 150131

OGDEN, UT 84415

Executive Director





Board of Directors

Jeff Barber (Board President)
Thaine Fischer ( Vice President)
Mike Walsh (Past President)
Jim Morgan( Treasurer)
Ken Miller ( Secretary)
Paul Guimond
Oliver Zeh

Hilary Wahlen
Doug Larsen
Colleen O'donnell
Chuck D'hulst
Jan Larsen - Non-Voting / Banff Film Festival


Mission Statement

To create an environment and pathways for the youth of Weber County and its surrounding areas to be able to reach their individual potential as athletes, students, and contributing members of the greater community through winter sports participation.


Core Values


One's commitment to working hard, setting goals, improving ourselves, aspiring for excellence on and off the hill, in dryland, and in school, all contribute to one's level of commitment.  Everyone's level of commitment contributes to his or her level of success.

Team Work

Teamwork is the bases from which we can build a support system that will help everyone achieve success.  The success of individuals within the Team leads to the success of Foundation, the support that we can offer to one another, in striving to succeed, leads to more individual success and Team success.


Citizenship is a direct reflection of our individual character and the character of all of us shows the character of the Program.  Individuals within the team should show respect to others, know that they are representing themselves and the Program, and not feel that they are entitled to special treatment without justification.


Individuals within the Program need to have a high level of Discipline to work at and achieve their goals, to know the difference between right and wrong, and to accept the consequences of mistakes.