2016-17 Intermountain Division Race Schedule


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  • especially for our Devo athletes & new families

At least 48 hours prior to the first race, verify your athlete is registered and current with USSA.  Your athlete must have a current license to race.  Register or renew here: http://my.ussa.org/myussa

Please remember to print any necessary liability waivers, sign them, and bring it to coach before race (head coach will send email about this when necessary).  When a resort requires one, your athlete will not be able to race without that signed waiver.

Also, your athlete MUST have a full hard helmet (no soft ears) in order to race.  Please check your child's helmet to make sure s/he has the correct type. Contact your coach if you have any issues with this requirement.

Also, make sure your child's skis are tuned and waxed.  Properly prepared equipment makes for a much more enjoyable and successful experience. Coaches can provide advice on this.

Watch your emails for directions to meeting place and time to meet with coaches before race begins. At this time we'll hand out bibs to each athlete (usually you will need your child's bib in order to purchase a racer discounted ticket).  The ticket lines tend to get long, so it is better to arrive a bit early and be ready to go.  We'll go over the schedule for the day, answer questions, and place your athletes into groups.  Coaches will want athletes in place when lift lines open so the athletes have plenty of time for course inspection and warm-up. Course inspection is a critical component on race day. Inspecting a course is about getting a feel for it, knowing the line to ski, knowing if it's a fast and straight course or a slower, turny, cranky course. The better job athletes do at inspecting the course with their coaches, the easier it will be to ski a fast line and to look ahead and ski with confidence down the course.

There may be times that your child's coach will not be attending the race, but don't worry, your child will be well taken care of by the coaches from our program.  All athletes will be put into a group.

Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately for the weather!!  Check the weather forecast that morning before you jhead out. They'll be outside for a long time and there will be limited opportunities to get additional gear during the race.  If it is raining or snowing,  bring extra dry clothes for your child. Ideally, extra gear will be in a backpack with a parent at the finish.

We'll have a tent at the finish area where OVST families and athletes can gather to cheer on their children and friends!!  It would be great if families could bring lunch type food items to share with the group.  If you choose not to do this, I suggest you bring your own lunch or at least a snack for your child – buying food is not always easily accessible in a timely manner close to where the race course is located.