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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  I’ve registered for Devo.  How will I receive program information?
A: We use the e‐mail address you subscribed with to send weekly program communication starting in December. Please verify your address is correct when subscribing. Check junk/spam folders and/or mark as a safe sender.

Q: I am new to the program and have a lot of questions. How can I get additional information?
A: Times and dates for Devo Welcome Night will be announced in late November. This is a chance for you to attend an informational session about the Devo Program, with a Question & Answer session to follow. We try to coincide ADP Orientation with Team Jacket pickup for convenience.

Q: If I register for Devo, will I be refunded for my athlete’s season pass already purchased?
A: Yes. Register for your Devo Program of choice, then contact us and we will refund a heavily discounted cost of your athlete’s season pass if you register for Devo. Devo registration must occur prior to refund.

Q: What are the dates, times and breaks for the Devo Programs?
A: The dates, times and breaks for each program will be listed on the web site at the bottom of the Program description in November. You will also receive a Season Schedule via program communication in early December.

Q: Where do I pick up and drop off my athlete?
A: The Meeting Area is located at the base area of Snowbasin. We will include a map of the meeting area in program communication and our welcome night. Only adults authorized by parents are allowed to pick up an athlete.

Q: What if I need to pick up my Athlete early?
A: You can arrange early pickup with your Team Coach.

Q: What if I am late to dropoff?
A: If you are late, please arrange a meeting time and location with your Team Coach.

Q: What gear do you recommend for my athlete?
A: We have included “Athlete Gear Recommendations” at the bottom of this FAQ. These are general gear guidelines for most athletes most of the time.

Q: What type of Team Jacket will my athlete receive?
A: All athletes will receive a new 20,000+ mm insulated jacket. We work with different manufacturers and colorways may vary. An announcement will be sent in late November providing dates and times for Team Jacket pickup.

Q: When can I pick up my athlete’s Team Jacket?
A: An announcement will be sent in late November providing dates and times for Team Jacket pickup.

Q: Is it Ok if my athlete cannot make all program sessions?
A: Our programs are like a season pass, come as often as you can, but it is OK if you cannot make every session.  We encourage consistent attendance so athletes do not fall behind and need to be moved to another team.

Q: What Team will my athlete be on?
A: All athletes are assessed on the first day of the program and placed in the most appropriate group based on skiing ability and age. At times team placement may only be possible based on skiing ability.

Q: Can my athlete request a specific coach or team with their friends or family members?
A: We do not guarantee coach or group assignments, but do try to accommodate requests if possible.

Q: Do you make Team changes?
A: Sometimes it will be necessary to move athletes to a different Team to enhance their experience.

Q: When and where will my athlete eat lunch?
A: All athletes will eat lunch starting at 10:30 am to avoid the lunch rush.  Coaches and their Teams are assigned a lodge to eat lunch. Check with your coach to see which lodge your athlete is assigned to eat.

Q: What can my athlete eat for lunch?
A: Snowbasin offers a wide variety of lunch choices at all lodges, which should meet every athlete’s taste and need.

Q: Are home lunches Ok?
A: No. Home lunches are not allowed. Athletes can bring pocket snacks.

Q: My athlete is new to skiing; can they join one of the Ski Teams?
A: No. Each program has a minimum ability requirement. Please read the program descriptions for details. Devo+ is by recommendation only.

Q: My athlete is new to the team and has experience, but does not have a recommendation.  How can I get a recommendation?
A: Contact to arrange an evaluation.

Q: What if I still have questions?
A: Prior to the season, please contact Rocky at During the season, you will be assigned a Team Coach, who can answer your questions.