You paid a Work Deposit when you registered your athlete for the Snowbasin Ski Team. Now is your chance to volunteer to earn that $$$ back! Our program is all about community. While we do need money to pay our operating expenses, we prefer your volunteer time when it comes to holding our races & fundraising events like the Snowbasin Town Challenge, Banff Film Festival & our Home Races such as Devo, U14 Qualifier, South Series, IFSA, FIS, Youth Ski League, and Freeride competitions.

In order to make sure you receive proper credit for your volunteer time, you will complete a Google Form EACH TIME you volunteer.  We will send a link to the form before the season starts. At the end of the season in March, we will issue credit back to you.

Below are the Work Deposit Amounts by Program. Each volunteer opportunity is worth a specific number of points. Please review each volunteer opportunity for the specific point worth.

U14/16 Full Time = $400 or 40 points
U10/12 4 days = $400 or 40 points
U10/12 U14/16 Weekend Only = $300 or 30 points
U10/12/14/U16 1 Day = $200 or 20 points

Freeride 4-6 day = $400 or 40 points
Freeride 1-2 day = $200 or 20 points

Half Day Add-Ons for Freeride or Alpine = $100 or 10 points

Mini Devo, Devo, Devo+ = $50 or 5 points