Ages 10–18


2 Day Non-Comp Team (Weekend – Saturday & Sunday)
The “Bombers”

1 Day Non-Comp Team (Weekend – Saturday OR Sunday)
The “Shredders”

4 Day Competition Team (Wednesday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday)
The “Stompers”


2 Day Competition Team (Saturday & Sunday)
The “Stompers”


Snowbasin Freeride Team – Big Mountain – Ages 10-18 Athletes will learn to ski big mountain terrain and will have the option to compete in local big mountain events. Athletes need to be intermediate all-mountain skiers. Athletes will work on fundamental skiing skills in an all mountain environment with experienced freeskiing coaches. Mountain safety and snow safety awareness will be stressed and reinforced throughout the season. The SST big mountain program is for athletes looking for a structured program that is geared towards exploring Snowbasin’s world-class alpine playground. This is a high-energy, creative and fun way for young skiers to ski together and mix it up on the mountain. With a heavy focus on the fundamentals of proper all-mountain technique, terrain and line assessment, steep-skiing skill building, and a whole lot of fun, we are excited to provide a structured environment from which athletes can have a great time while nurturing lifelong love of skiing.

These are the options for this program:

  • Freeride Non-Competition Team – 1 weekend day (Saturday or Sunday only)

  • Freeride Non-Competition Team – 2 weekend days (Saturday & Sunday)

  • Freeride Comp Team 4 days, 2 half days (Wed, Fri), 2 weekend days (Sat&Sun)

  • Freeride Comp Team 2 weekend days – Saturday & Sunday

  • Additional costs may be associated with competitions due to extra days on snow.

  • Team Jacket included.

  • Season pass is not included. Early season rates available.

  • US Ski and Snowboard general membership is required

  • IFSA membership required for Comp Team

Work Deposit
There is a work deposit commitment with this program.


  • Back protector required

  • Safety Gear: Avalanche transceiver, shovel and probe.
    Required for Big Mountain Comp. Optional for non-comp.

Mandatory Parent Meeting and Athlete Orientation Night
Early October: TBA