Comprised of U10 (8-9 year-old) and U12 (10-11 year old) athletes, this program is designed to teach fundamental skiing skills and ski racing techniques to young skiers.  For training purposes, athletes will usually be arranged in groups of approximately 5-7 per coach to facilitate a productive learning environment. Groups are dynamic but are generally based on skill, speed and social needs. Included in the program cost is a SSEF Team Jacket, 8 Weeks of Pre-Season Dryland Training (Sept-Nov), a Holiday Camp & a customized Race Series for each athlete.

Athlete Age: 8–11 (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 with coach recommendation)

Required Athletic Experience:

  • Be a competent skier on all terrain and in variable conditions.
  • Be able to manage their own equipment both on and off the hill. This includes:
    • Be responsible for and keeping track of equipment during practice.
    • Walk/hike with equipment without adult support.
    • Dress appropriately for variable weather.
  • Be a supportive and strong teammate.

Program Includes:

  • SSEF Team Jacket
  • Dryland 1x week for 8 weeks Sept – Nov
  • Holiday Camp – tentative Dec 23-Dec 30
  • On-snow training, Resort Opening – March
    • 4 Day Team: Train Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
    • 2 Day Team: Train Saturday and Sunday
    • 1 Day Team: Train Saturday OR Sunday
    • Training at Nordic T, W, Th & Fri (as conditions permit)
  • Coaching at U10/12 YSL & South Series Races (travel race expenses not included)

Skill Development Focus:

All-Mountain Safety: developing a consistent balanced athletic position on skis, proper weight distribution on skis, a consistent stance while maintaining balanced athletic position on skis. Athletes also learn timing,  upper body discipline and upper-lower body separation, upper body stability through the use of a single pole plant; and tactical elements of a giant slalom & slalom courses.

Competition Schedule Options:

Cost (2022-23 Pricing) – EARLY BIRD PRICING THRU 8.31.2022

4 Day Team (Wed/Friday, Sat & Sun)
$4725 (includes $400 Work Deposit).      

3 Day Team (Wed OR Fri, Sat & Sun)
$4675 (includes $400 Work Deposit).

2 Day Team  (Sat & Sun)
$4000 (includes $300 Work Deposit)       

1 Day Team (Sat or Sun)
$2800 (includes $200 Work Deposit)    

A $500 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve a team spot and current pricing. Prices will go up by $100 after August 31st and again after September 31st. Full tuition due by Nov 1st.  A 3% processing fee will be automatically charged to all credit card payments or a $2.50 processing fee for all eChecks.


Additional Expenses & Explanations

Ski Passes
Athletes need a Snowbasin and Nordic Valley season pass. Pass prices are not included in program fees and must be purchased directly through both resorts. Snowbasin Season Pass discounts are available to athletes after Nov 1 & when tuition is paid in full.  The resort will refund athletes the difference between what they paid and the eligible discount at the Meadows Ticketing Yurt. Nordic Valley typically has early bird season pass rates & special discounts for certain ages athletes under 12.  Please consult Nordic Valley’s website for their most up-to-date information.

USS&S Membership

  • US Skiing Competitor U12 and below with IMD dues $110.00
  • Register on the US Ski & Snowboard website after July 1 –  www.ussa.org/membership

Race Expenses 

  • Lift Tickets for race venues are NOT included
  • Estimated Travel Costs: $100-$500 per race depending on location, staffing, etc
  • U10/12 South Series race fees are included in tuition, but IMD Champs and IMD Finals race fees are NOT included in tuition & will be determined by what the athlete qualifies to attend.
  • YSL Races are an optional add-on.  Race fees, lift tickets, travel costs are NOT included in the tuition.
  • Race expenses will be due NLT 2 weeks prior to the event, payable thru ssef.skiclubpro.com

Work Deposit
Refundable with volunteer days or donated to the SSEF Scholarship Fund.

Optional Add-ons

  • May & June Camps
  • Beartooth Camp – June 6-10th, if weather permits
  • NACS Mt Hood Summer Camp – at athlete discretion
  • Recommend Keely’s Camp for Girls – https://keelyscamp.com
  • Mountain Biking Camp – Starts June 22 –  Contact Parker@snowbasinskiteam.org
  • Skate Camp – Starts June –  Contact Parker@snowbasinskiteam.org
  • Parisi Speed Camp Punch Pass Special – Contact Craig@snownasinskiteam.org
  • Ice Skating Optional Training @ Ice Sheet – Sept thru Nov
  • Thanksgiving Camp – #1 Sun Valley or  #2 Colorado Nov 20-23, 2023

U10 Equipment

  • Recommended 2 pairs of skis (SL race ski & Powder ski)
  • Properly fitted boots
  • Helmet – required & race approved
  • Poles 2 pairs:  SL with hand guards and 1 GS bent
  • Goggles: 1 pair with lens for night light; 1 pair with lens for daylight
  • Speed Suit
  • Tuning equipment (intro kit)
  • Back Protector (optional, but highly recommended for SG)
  • Soft Goods: gloves/mittens, long underwear, ski socks, ski pants w zipper on side,
  • Day Pack Bag to fit: boots and all soft goods including helmet, goggles, gloves, snack, water, sunscreen, hand warmers, neck warmer & extra layers. Bag should be easily carried by your athlete.
  • Optional GS skis

U12 Equipment – in addition to U10 list above

  • Recommend 3 pairs of skis (SL, GS, All Mountain/Powder) Reminder: National Ruling requires only one pair for each event.”  This will be applicable to U12 and younger, also at South Series events.
  • SL Poles – Full Hand Protectors
  • SL Shin Guards

Notes on Equipment

Helmets: Must have a hard-shell plastic over the ears. For additional safety, make sure there is a chin protector for Slalom. Bar needs to be easily removed for GS and free skiing.

Goggles: chose a goggle that fits into the helmet comfortably (no goggle gap) and protects the eyes from sun, wind, snow and harsh conditions. Please try on helmets and goggles in store to make sure of correct fitting and sizing.

Poles Height: turn pole upside down, hold pole under the basket -arm should be bent 90 degrees.

Ski Height:

For U10 athletes: SL ski height should measure near the bottom of their nose.

For U12 athletes: SL skis: height between chin and mouth GS skis: measured at 5 cm above head for U12’s and 10cm above head for U14’s.

Length of skis increases with more competitive, heavier, and stronger athletes.


Try on the shell – Take liner out of boot and step foot into the hard shell. Slide toes to touch the front of the shell, fit 2 fingers between the heel and the shell.

Try on the liner without the shell  – Find the big toe; big toe should not be too tight in the liner. For more competitive athletes, we look for a tighter fit, but skiers should still be comfortable to ski a whole day in boots without taking boots off.  Skiers should be able to buckle their boots, if they cannot the flex of the boot is too stiff or buckles too short.

Flex boot varies depending on weight. It is important for skiers to be able to flex boot when in standing position. 

U10 athletes should look for softer 60-70 flex. 

U12 athletes should look for stiffer boots, but not exceeding 80 flex. Academy Prep should be in a 90-110 flex, please work closely with our coaching staff prior to buying your boots should you have any questions.

Soft goods / clothing:

Gloves / mittens (mittens are warmer)

Pants / Training Pants – Ski pants with zips on sides can also become shorts

Socks – wool ski socks, moisture wicking (cotton is not good).

Long Underwear – thermal top and long underwear, moisture wicking or wool recommended

Mandatory Parent Athlete Orientation
Mandatory Parent – Athlete Orientation Night: Early November @ TBD

Training schedule, equipment, the race calendar, the team Handbook and more will be discussed.

Recommended Summer Skiing
0-5 days

Ski Season Training

  • On Snow: Resort Opening- March
  • Saturday and Sunday at Snowbasin 9:00 – 3:00.
  • Wednesday and Friday, afternoons, 1:00-4:00 at Snowbasin or Nordic Valley (conditions permitting)
  • Holiday Camp – tentative Dec 23-Dec 30
  • U10-12 Optional UOP Training with Coach Approval (2 hour blocks, Wednesdays, start date & times TBA. Additional Lane Fees & UOP Season Pass required.)
  • Early Loads at Snowbasin, days and times TBD
  • Training is NOT required 4 days a week, but is offered.
  • Up to 6 total ski days option is available with the Alpine & Freeski Combo program.

SSEF Training Program is built around the US Ski & Snowboard Training System, which includes

  • Development Phases
  • Physical Fitness
  • Technical Domains
  • Tactical Domains
  • Equipment Selection & Preparation
  • Mental Training
  • & Competitive Skill Development

For a complete breakdown of each category, please visit – https://usskiandsnowboard.org/sites/default/files/files-resources/files/2017-11/Alpine%20Training%20Systems%2011-16-17.pdf

U10 and U12 athletes, with the assistance of our SSEF Program Director & Coaching Staff, will have the ability to customize their alpine race experience to their individual skill & desired commitment level.  Athletes will travel with their parents to the races.  Please consult the individual race plans for which race starts are included in the tuition.  Tuition does not include IMD Champs (qualifying event) or the IMD Finals.  All race details will be updated and communicated via TeamSnap.

U10-12 ~ YSL Primary Series Race Plan is designed for new to alpine & 1 day/wk participants.

U10-12 ~ Blended South & YSL Series Race Plan is designed for 2-3 days/wk participants where additional days on snow help prepare for South Series events.

U10-12 ~ South Series Race Plan is designed for our 4 days/wk full time participants that have had prior success in the YSL Series.


Athletes will travel with their parents to the races.  Please consult the individual race plans for which race starts are included in the tuition.  Tuition does not include IMD Champs (qualifying event) or the IMD Finals.  All race details will be updated and communicated via TeamSnap.

  • CLICK HERE FOR THE IMD Race Calendar & Race Announcements
  • IMD Finals is for all athletes that do not qualify for IMD Champs
  • IMD Championships is for qualifying athletes only
  • Athletes MAY attend the YSL Finals AND IMD Finals with Coach Permission & as part of an overall training plan
  • Once an athlete receives a top 5 placement within the U10 or U12 age class in the South Series, they will no longer be eligible to race in the YSL series.
  • Competitors must be at least 6 years of age by December 31st.
  • IMD Spring Fling, Grand Targhee, WY ~ Both Genders ~ March 31-April 2, 2023 ~ U12s by INVITE that qualify at IMD Champs

SSEF Parent/Athlete Handbook

The Snowbasin Sport Education Foundation  is committed to a culture of family participation, team building, social gatherings while supporting our youth through winter sport development.

We will be using TeamSnap for all communications (email/text messaging) & schedule updates.  Once you are registered with SSEF, you will receive a Team Snap invitation.  You will have options on how to set up your notifications to suit you and your family.  Check out TeamSnap How-Tos under our Resources Tab.

There will be many opportunities for parents to be involved with events and competitions. We need help with races, freeride competitions, club fundraisers and individual team activities such as coordination of team tents at races etc.

Our Volunteer Tab will have links to sign up for activities that match your preferences.  Additional volunteer opportunities will be communicated via TeamSnap.

We look forward to meeting all of you.  If you have any questions, please email admin@snowbasinskiteam.org